Gene Keys Oracle Tea with Elijah

Public Gene Keys Tea Journey – Monday June 6th – 6:30pm – Up to 12 People RSVP Only

Group Ceremony with Elijah for reflection, contemplation, and oracular divination for your life, art, project, business, or spiritual growth. Sip the beauty and presence of old tree high vibrational tea to access deep heart/mind connection, utilizing the intelligence of plant spirit medicine to open the meridians and clear stagnant energy from the body. Through this tea ceremony, Elijah offers deep presence, listening, and intuitive tools for personal contemplation including the Gene Keys Golden Path and Oracular Card Readings.

Bring your Hologenetic Profile or draw an oracle, and together we will listen to the Transmission of Living Wisdom. Each person receives time on their specific profile or gene key, and has the opportunity to reflect on real-life processes, challenges, insights, questions. By creating a group field of introspection and contemplation, we together deepen our awareness of the archetypal codes alive within us.

Entheo Electronic – Ecstatic Elements

Entheo’s latest release combines rich tonal textures with elevating melodic riffs in a cinematic marriage between ambient and downtempo electronic. Like the phases of a sunrise, Ecstatic Elements offers a broad spectrum of sonic colors, with particular melodic and percussive themes echoing throughout the album. Loops are recycled, samples are remixed, and melodies are transposed, giving the elements a variety of landscapes to play in and express their musical ecstasy.

OneDoorLand in Bend Oregon!

June 11th – 6pm – Bend, OR

Sol Alchemy Temple in Bend Oregon has set the stage for OneDoorLand to bring an evening of alchemical sanctuary, heart-expansion & community ritual. ~~Featuring:
~ Tea Ceremony with Tea Monk Po ~
~ Gene Keys Oracle Readings with Elijah Parker ~
~ Live Transmission Art Installation by Eric Nez ~
~ Live music/concert by Entheo & Water Eye
~ Contact improv dance by CoCrea (Wren & Antje)
~ Sanctuary, lounge & creative-expression space~

Muse Dance Presents – Ecstatic Zeitgeist

June 25th – Late Night Ecstatic Dance at Lenora’s Ballroom Portland OR – Limited Tickets Available

OneDoorLand Family Band will provide instrumental music for this “evening like no other”. Heather Beckett and Muse Dance presents an unforgettable event featuring Two sweeping narrative ecstatic dance sets from beloved DJ’s Dar Sernoff and Mr. Moo, that bookend a midnight feast of live performance and nourishing snacks. After 10pm, the rules of our reality will change. We’ll invite the greatest ecstatic connection by dropping English language and communicating solely through dance, gesture, and pure sound. We invite you to come ready to embark on your own dance ceremony with powerful intention, as we weave meaning and spontaneous ritual together.