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We are a community of musicians, artists, and tea monks dedicated to living a life of inspiration, beauty, balance, and harmony. Our intention is to share real tools, experiences, and opportunities for individual and collective transformation through our events, media projects, services, and living our Life As Art.


OneDoorLand is an alchemical art sanctuary in Portland Oregon, home to a small community of musicians, artists, and tea monks. Over the past few years, community members have helped reshape two urban properties into thriving temples of Life As Art. Spanning almost 4 acres between two residential zones, these homes were once run-down rentals and now feature gardens, outdoor tea temples, meditation circles, a permaculture pond and waterfall (replacing the chlorine pool), yurt, and a geodesic dome.

As a media team, OneDoorLand creates inspirational videos, events, and websites to illuminate the artists and projects currently bringing more beauty, integrity, and magic to the world. The community continues to be a sanctuary for musicians and transmission artists, offering collaborative recording time in the home music studio, video artist portraits and documentary filmmaking, and occasional short term artist residencies. The local community continues to gather for ritual music and art “vigils”, using intermodal expressive arts to deepen psychological and spiritual growth as individuals and as a community. Every wall, door, and stairwell has been infused with art. Each mural is a ceremony of creativity, using the power of light, sound, music, tea, and presence to invoke a communal intention into the space itself. This process called “Portal Smiths” has been taken to other community temples, schools, and businesses in Portland as a way to anchor that particular group’s intention into a creative project.

OneDoorLand is also a temple of self-cultivation featuring Heaven’s Tea School of Sacred Tea Arts and the Gene Keys as tools for personal growth and transformation. Tea Monk Po, headmaster of the school, has transformed the upstairs of OneDoorLand Sanctuary into a profound library of aged Puehr tea, ancient sculptures and sacred art from China and Tibet, and a living temple for Tea as Vibrational Medicine. The tea served in this school comes from old arbor, wild leaves still charged with living vibrant energy, and create profound shifts in the human body. Heaven’s Tea School of Sacred Tea Arts teaches the art of tea for inner alchemy, meditation, healing, contemplation, and for use in art and music. Each week groups of people gather to journey with sacred tea, through both subtle energetic shifts and profoundly vivid openings, while always remaining balanced and integrated. “Tea is a gateway to inner growth, healing, the subtle mysteriousness of existence and is a gift from nature to help us learn the flow of nature and the language of life.”www.heavenstea.com

OneDoorLand uses the Gene Keys for personal and community emotional and spiritual processing, using this transmission of living wisdom to aid in illuminating the gift hidden within every shadow. OneDoorLand primarily focuses on video, music, and event production to illuminate the creative embodiment of this spiritual teaching in practical, inspirational, and magical ways. OneDoorLand hosts both local and virtual events and personal sessions for the Gene Keys.

OneDoorLand Synergenius Stew+dios was founded by Binah Zing, community leader and visionary artist. The dream will continue to live on in her honor, and is progressing towards becoming a non-profit educational center for Self-Cultivation through Tea, Qi Gong, and the Gene Keys.


The Synergenius Stew was born from the collaborative spirit of Binah Zing, whose greatest art was curating artists, musicians, visionaries, and builders, to cross-pollinate their genius into magical projects of Inspiration, Beauty, and lasting Transformation. The Stew is a delicious blending of many different unique ingredients, and we bring this idea to life in our events and media.

One of OneDoorLand’s highest values is the appreciation and support of transformational Art and Music, to empower the Sacred Arts in the world again. We collaborate with many different types of artists and musicians around the world, sharing our resources as well as “co-illuminating” one another in the process.

Feed the Dream and the Dream Feeds You

Each of us are Chefs in this Cosmic Kitchen. We must learn which ingredients to add and in what way, to make the most delicious brew for others to imbibe. Inevitably, the human family is an interdependent organism & we must learn to work together. To be synergenius is to synthesize the unique elements of our own genius in harmony with others: to listen before we sing, to vision before we paint, and breathe before we act.

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