Charlie Parker

Sacred Landscaping – Gardener – Kombucha Brewmaster – Poet

Creating Portals through Recycled Art and Sacred Landscaping

Human Design & Gene Keys Workshops

“I was born deep in Middle Earth. But my true identity was concealed from me and I was taken to the hidden forests of the Ozark. There I was raised as one of the many. I was educated in the mysteries of the Powers that Do and toiled for half a century servicing the machinery of the Realm. I was accompanied only by my wife, guide, counselor and companion, Naja Anda, and our two sons. But the Force was strong within and, undetected to me, kept returning me to the Path. At the time of the Second Saturn, I barely escaped a watery death in the Springs of Barton which set me on the road to the magical OneDoorLand. Here I have returned to the land as a simple gardener – to connect with Gaia and bring the beauty and bounty to life.


My mission here is simple. Through the Purity of my Radiance and the Light of my Purpose, I will keep Peace and Harmony grounded here – not through my work but simply through my own transformation.


I will be a TaleSwapper – possessing no great magical gifts of my own. But through Presence and the Channel of Maturation, to become a true Elder, preserving the experience and wisdom of the past in the service of the present and future work. By stripping away my own accumulated conditioning and revealing my Quintessence, I hope to help ground the Light of Onedoorland in service to these young visionaries as they carry this new paradigm into Actuality.”