Eric Nez

Transmission Art

Eric Nez is a devoted yogi and transmission artist, dedicating his life, art, and practice for the benefit of all beings. His artwork are alchemical portals, born from his own very personal evolutionary journey, and aspiring towards the highest attainment of physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony. Eric Nez is a full spectrum artist, working at the dense and deep layers of Shadow and Entropy all the way to the highest celestial frequency of Light and Beauty. Each of his pieces are a contemplation deeply into reality, through the expression of Yoga, devotion to the Goddess, and explorations of Plant Spirit Medicine. Each painting is more than a painting, it is a direct link to the fundamental energetic truth inherent in each Asana or Plant. This is the power of Transmission Art, to live and embody the principles of magic that connect us directly to the source, and leave behind a Relic that others may use as a portal to remember this same energetic connection to divinity.

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Portal Smiths

Cymatic Murals and Art Rituals

por·tal (n):

     1. A doorway, gate, or other entrance, esp. a large and elaborate one.

     2. An opening to another dimension, energy, or reality

-smith (n):

     1. Denoting a person skilled in creating something with a specified material.

           e.g. “goldsmith” One who works with Gold

Portal Smiths are dedicated engineers of energetic gateways, bridging  the realms of divine architecture into the material plane to create Sacred Space in alignment with the intention of each unique portal.

We create Sonic Mandalas using the Cymatic Vibration of specific attuned frequencies, to call upon the natural Harmony of the Spheres amplifying the intention of the chosen archetypal role. We utilize planetary tones and sacred geometry to create safe containers for more creative, inspired, light to transfer into this world.

Our Primary Focus is to Work with Collective Nodes of our Transformational Culture, to amplify the loving intention of community homes, sacred businesses, and temples around the world. We create ritual space, utilizing the vibrational medicine of Light, Sound, Song, and Sacred Tea Ceremony. As Oracles, we Listen to the Goals, Inspirations, and Challenges of each Community and offer a magical container to cast new Intentions in a coherent and harmonious field together.

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Binah Zing

Patron Saint of Life As Art

Binah Zing’s Art stretched far beyond the canvas. As a Creative Rebel, Binah sought out to break down the conventional walls of life’s social norms, and unveil the true, raw essence of Love Unbridled. Her bold streaks of color across the blank canvas of life were filled with ecstatic prayer to See the Truth. Holding her paintbrush as a magic wand, this interdimensional creature danced, played, and sang while she worked. She was constantly brewing her art projects, and rarely left any of them “finished”. Her mantra of Life As Art echoed through the halls of her home, as she painted every wall, every door, and filled every corner with more beauty and inspiration. Her Genius was filled with ferocious devotion to live life to the fullest. Her greatest Gift was to see others for their unique genius, and bring them together in the “Synergenius Stew” to see what magic would unfold with the right ingredients added together. OneDoorLand itself is her greatest masterpiece, a living breathing evolving Temple of Life As Art. She was a master curator of master artists and musicians, uplifting and nourishing their growth physically, emotionally, and spiritually while providing a gallery for their artistic genius to be seen by the world. Though her body is no longer with us, her soul lives on in the Dream World, reminding us that “Magic is Real” every day through the synchronicities of life. Her Transmission Art was designed to discover the Quintessence hidden in the complexity of the human story. May her Legacy of Alchemical Art continue to inspire our quest to uncover the gold within.


OneDoorLand Gallery

Living Temple of Life As Art

OneDoorLand itself is an art piece, made up of the creative offerings and projects of dozens of Artists who wandered through the portal. Many Carpenters, Painters, Set Designers, Tattoo Artists, Permaculturists, Grid Workers, Builders, and Magicians all wandered through these lands at some point, leaving behind a relic of beauty and truth as an offering to this incredible home that has supported so many. We give thanks to every being who helped add their magical ingredient to this Synergenius Stew. Every tiny or massive act of generosity has led to this collective dream becoming manifest, and supporting this vision to continue to ripple out to the world. Feed the Dream and the Dream Feeds You.

Gallery Featuring Original Art by: 

Binah Zing, Eric Nez, David Heskin, Aloria Weaver, Autumn Skye Morrison, Subliminal Phoenix, Amarnath Mukta, Josiah Elkins, Flow, Raul Cassillas Roma, Alysha Pecora, Joe Riso, & the Portal Smiths

Land Art and Carpentry by:

Gregory Gardner, Steve Ganister, Rick Valley, Charlie Parker, Josiah Elkins, Flow, Omar Riverstone, Eric Nez, and Po.



Recent Uploads

Subliminal Phoenix

Moving Mandala Meditations – Digital Download Available Purchase full length meditation HD downloads by Elijah of Subliminal Phoenix Custom Loops Available by Commission – Contact   Purchase Lucid Surrender     Purchase The Four Elements     Purchase Incandescence     Purchase Phosphorescence   Fractal Philosophy Mandala Deck Created by Elijah Parker Includes 20 Printed…


Mother of Water (Eric Nez)

Experience the magic of Transmission Artist Eric Nez as he paints his latest portal “Calling to the Mother of the Water”. This art vigil lasted two weeks, beginning at the Beloved Festival and then travelling to Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse Festival. The painting continued to evolve, inspired by the unique ritual atmosphere created at both of these transformational festivals. Hop in the magical time machine of timelapse photography & witness the painting emerge!


Angamazad – Live Theater

The Fox & Beggar Theater invites you to step into the pages of an ancient story book. Here, you will find fairies and djinn. You will find rituals of grieving, and of enduring. You will find mad poets and ancient Shaikhs; circus tricks and magic doors; the ghost dances of dead brides and the desert songs of bird maidens. Above all, you will find a story about love.

Adapted from The 1,001 Arabian Nights, “Angamazad” fuses musical theater, spoken word, acrobatics, contemporary dance, and lavish artwork into a visually and sonically stunning journey.


Sol Alchemy Portal

for the yoga studio and surrounding community. We came together as a community to co-inspire the deepening of our creative potential. Each of our synergenius chefs shared stories, secrets and techniques we have found on our journey of community improv as a cultivation practice. Participants then joined in an interactive experience to expand their creative capacity together through modalities such as: painting, singing, dancing, creating beauty, and even the prayer of stillness and silence.Together we inquired how can we use our creative mediums as vehicles for awakening? How can we utilize the synergy of a coherent field as a launch pad into our higher creative capacities? This art-portal-playshop began with a sacred tea ceremony and orientation to the alchemical practice of “Life As Art”. With a room full of 16 willing participants, we underwent a whole day playshop into the Sol Alchemy Portal. This ritual of music as medicine, of art as alchemy, and of prayer through presence, we cried, we laughed, and we uncovered a gateway to the Synarchy.


Eric Nez – Beloved 2016

Witness Eric Nez 3-Day Art Vigil at Beloved Sacred Arts & Music Festival 2016. Every year for his birthday, Nez sets up sacred space on the Live Art stage, and commits to a full weekend of prayerful painting. This year, the Chalice of Self-Love was his offering to the Beloved. “Hold your cup steady with grace, and watch it fill the oceans”. Video by Elijah, Music from the Lover’s Leap album by OneDoorLand


Fractal Philosophy Deck

20 Card Mandala Deck + Digital Prints and eBook Descriptions
$33 – Click here to purchase

Each Fractal Mandala is a translation of Frequency through Light and Sound using the power of Solfeggio Tones, Planetary Frequencies, Chakra Resonance, and the Visual Shape of Cymatic Vibrations. The accompanying eBook describes the associated chakras, alchemical processes, and elements of life for your own Oracular Contemplation.