Water & Light – Time Spirit

Live Looping Vocals and Instruments by Water Eye meets the cascading melodies of handpan by Elijah. Soundscapes and sonic journeys for the heart and soul, reflecting the Light of Truth upon the Waters of Love. This album was recorded live at OneDoorLand Synergenius Stew+Dios. These songs were originally written and performed for Muse Dance Event “Ecstatic Zeitgeist”, elemental soundscapes to Feed the Spirit of Time.

CoCrea Dance

Cocréa was born from a vision to reinvigorate social partner dance as an integral facet of popular culture. As the conscious dance movement gains momentum, this vision stands on the precipice of being realized. Every day more science emerges to support the benefit to wellness offered by mindful movement, healthy social engagement and physical contact between humans. Cocréa Conscious Partner Dance is poised to bring together the spheres of embodiment, mindfulness, social partner dance and conscious dance to provide potent, positive transformational experiences for countless individuals.

Click Bank – Thank You

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Subliminal Phoenix Package

Subliminal Phoenix – Alchemical Media Collection Experience the Healing Power of Light and Sound – Fractal Journeys – Cymatic Mandalas – Brainwave Entrainment Featuring Ambient Soundscapes, Binaural Beats, and Healing Frequencies  Click to Purchase this Special Offer – $50 for the Entire Collection Includes over two hours of Fractal Animations and Cymatic Journey Videos! Brainwave Entrainment Package…

Anaiya Sophia Weekend Retreat

The Initiation of Sacred Body Awakening is where a woman comes into contact with the Sacred Temple Codes she hid in her womb – until NOW! This is a whole body initiatory process into the revival of the Sacred Arts, the ancient feminine way of ecstatically marrying the erotic body with the sacred heart.

Join Anaiya Sophia for Friday Evening Intro Talk (11/11) and Weekend Workshop (11/12-11/13) at OneDoorLand – More Details on AnaiyaSophia.com