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Subliminal Phoenix – Alchemical Media Collection

Experience the Healing Power of Light and Sound – Fractal Journeys – Cymatic Mandalas – Brainwave Entrainment

Featuring Ambient Soundscapes, Binaural Beats, and Healing Frequencies 

Includes over two hours of Fractal Animations and Cymatic Journey Videos!

Brainwave Entrainment Package – 5 Videos + Soundtrack + eBook

Four Elements

5 Videos activating each of the 4 Brainwave States and Balance of all four

Brainwave entrainment journeys helps activate your chosen state –

Focus (Beta), Learning (Alpha), Meditation (Theta), and Rejuvenation (Delta)

Additional video “Avatar Journey” balances all four elements of mind, body, spirit, and soul.


With these Meditations Subliminal Phoenix offers you a lantern: a flame to light your path into the four corners of your own mind. Within your energetic and neurological center, you have access to four naturally occurring brainwave states. Through the power of light and sound, you can activate these different realms at will.


These meditations have been created with care and intention to create a safe, powerful audio/visual landscape. The soundtrack is tuned to the Solfeggio Frequencies, ancient healing tones rediscovered in the age of modern science. Each track has Binaural Beats to activate the desired brainwave state through audio entrainment. For optimal effect use a deep bass sound system or over-the-ear headphones.The visuals are created with custom generated fractals and the cymatic imprint of the audio track. Cymatics are the powerful visual representation of frequency, created by physically vibrating particles, revealing the geometric order hidden in our world. These visuals are best viewed on a projector, and please feel free to close your eyes during any session. The hypnotic effect of fractal imagery and mandala evolution gives you permission to simply breathe and let go.


Each of the Four Elements tracks are 10 minutes long and activate the chosen brainwave state. Air Clarity uses the stimulating high beta, gamma frequencies to unlock focus and energy, the solfeggio tone of ,852 returning to spiritual order, and the undertone is activating the pineal gland. Fire Creativity holds the 528 frequency of DNA Repair and stimulates the Alpha frequency of learning, inspiration, and the hypnogogic state of lucid living. Water Meditation, also in the love frequency 528, will offer a dip into the Theta frequency for trance induction, lucid dreaming, and relaxation. Earth Rejuvenation plays the solfeggio tone 396, liberating guilt and fear, and is utilizing the deepest frequency of Delta to promote deep sleep, & rejuvenation


Calcination – Four Elements Binaural Beats Soundtrack + Companion eBook


This digital album offers mp3 versions of the binaural beat tracks used in the Four Elements visual journeys. They are designed to work in conjunction with Light Sound Machines, for full immersive brainwave entrainment. The companion eBook describes deeper mysteries about the alchemical process of Calcination as the first step of purification in the journey of awakening.

Fractal Journeys with Entheo Music

Moving Mandala Journeys set to the healing ambient soundscapes of Entheo Music

(Soundtracks available at

Lucid Surrender – Cymatic Exploration of Planetary Frequencies (30min)

Aligning the Mind (Mercury), Heart (Venus), and Spirit (Galactic Center)


The pure tones of sound and light reflect the astronomic movements of the planetary bodies as they orbit the sun. Complemented with thick harmonic layers, intuitive melodies, and evolving dynamic textures, each track is a subtle and gradual journey to deeper peace.  These moving mandalas and cymatic imagery were programmed to match the same vibration of the soundscapes, entraining both auditory and visual cortex of the brain to synchornize with the celestial symphony of our universe.


Lucid Surrender features the planetary frequencies of Mercury and Venus’ sidereal periods as well as the Great Platonic 26,000 Year cycle (The Precession of the Equinox). These massive cycles become audible to the human ear when the higher octaves are played and, when used with intention, can bring into greater focus the qualities and information contained within their cycles and patterns. Utilize this journey to infuse a galactic sense of awareness into your life for greater

Phosphorescence – Meditation on Omniscience (9 min)

Clearing emotional obscuration through the penetrating light of presence


This fractal journey is an expression of the veils we must walk through to truly open the door to truth. Stimulates the third eye, and invokes the divine light of omniscience, the penetrating white hot light of truth. Let this ray of light slice through your emotional drama, your victim stories, and swiftly activate a state of lucidity amidst the turbulent waves of change.

Incandescence – Meditation for the Light in the Darkness (17 min)

Aligning to Divine Will through complete relaxation



This fractal journey undergoes a series of illuminated transformations, as Entheo Music guides you deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation and trust. Relax into the Current of your Purpose and feed the inner fire, the light hidden within every cell of your being.

Fractal Philosophy – Digital Oracle Deck and eBook


This is a digital product – physical cards not included in this package


Aligning you from Cell to Self to Source, this 20 card Mandala Oracle Card deck is a journey through the 7 Chakras, the 7 Processes of Alchemy, and the Cyclical Nature of Life. Included in this package is a Digital Download Archive of all 20 mandala images in .jpg format, as well as a PDF GuideBook for your exploration of Fractal Philosophy. (Physical Cards Sold Separately) These portals are designed with the transmission of Vibration As Medicine. By meditating on these portals, or using them on your altar, you call in the vibratory pattern of that particular frequency to aid in spiritual transformation. These have been designed with the upmost care and intention, carrying the frequency of love and compassion as we enter into the phoenix fires of our own self-liberation.

Each Fractal Mandala is a translation of Frequency through Light and Sound using the power of Solfeggio Tones, Planetary Frequencies, Chakra Resonance, and the Visual Shape of Cymatic Vibrations. The accompanying eBook describes the associated chakras, alchemical processes, and elements of life for your own Oracular Contemplation.

Includes 3 Extra Bonus Videos – Collaboration with OneDoorLand

Included in this alchemical collection are three videos from our collaboration with OneDoorLand, Entheo Music, Elijah Ray, and Richard Rudd of the Gene Keys. These special videos include guided meditations and sonic soundscapes to liberate mind, body, and heart. Stream for free below or purchase this collection for these Bonus HD Downloads!


Purchase now for direct download of this full-length collection

You will be given access to download a large Archive Folder (.zip) that contains 3.3 GB of HD Media featuring over 140 minutes of videos, 62 minutes of audio, and two eBooks.

File Types are cross-platform including .mp4 Video files, .mp3 Music files, .jpeg Image files, and .pdf eBook

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