There is a language hidden in our dreams, messages from the depths of our subconscious asking to be illuminated. Join OneDoorLand for a communal deep dive into the inner archetypes of the psyche. Learn the Dreaming Language from the Paititi Institute perspective, and engage in the detective story of your own mind. Dream Analysis in this way is one of the most powerful tools for self-inquiry and personal transformation we have ever encountered. A synthesis of ancestral wisdom and transpersonal psychology, this approach to inner diagnosis is a profound way to discover the unseen patterns unknowingly playing out in our everyday life. By engaging in this dream language, we enrich our capacity to handle emotional charge in our relationships, discover insight into unwinding past trauma, and cultivate a lucid living perspective to the dreaming language even in our waking life.

The introductory webinar is freely available above to learn more about this perspective of Dreamwork. Future sessions are available by signing up to the Dreamwork mailing list, and tuning in each month for a live example of Dream Analysis for one participant. Though we will dive into one particular person, this work is a very collective experience and everyone in the circle benefits from the practice. The hope is to then offer monthly community Dreamwork sessions that invite anyone who joins the mailing list to attend and continue cultivating the practice. Each month we will choose a new participant to have their dreams revealed.

Dreamwork is an incredibly personal process, that uncovers universal archetypes we all experience on the hero’s journey of life. OneDoorLand aspires to hold a safe space for authentic and vulnerable sharing. If you are interested in attending this webinar or any community sessions, please hold the mindful awareness and compassion for anyone brave enough to share the symbols of their unseen mind.

These sessions will be held by donation, and anyone willing to engage this process with an open heart and mind, is welcome to join at any price. Personal in-person or online sessions are also available for those who would like to investigate the inner planes in a one-on-one container.

These sessions will be held by Elijah Parker of OneDoorLand – “I have been studying and working with this method of Dreamwork since December 2012 under Roman Hanis of the Paititi Institute. I am still a student of this path, and do not claim to be a master of this craft. I am dedicated to cultivating my own path on this journey, and humbly invite others to join me in this journey. The OneDoorLand community has begun doing dreamwork sessions in our home to great effect. It is incredible how effective and transformative a single session can be. I will be holding the facilitator role through these sessions, and aspire to uphold an objective eye, and transmit the dream language practice to the best of my ability. The dreamwork program will be apart of the upcoming Paititi Institute Evolutionary Healing Home Study Course, so the feedback from these journeys will help me to uplift a larger international program as it develops.

To really dive deep into this practice, I highly recommend going to the source and participating in an “Embody True Nature retreat” at the Paititi Institute in Peru. ”

So if the magic of the dreamworld is calling you to participate in this community experiment, I Invite you to begin writing your dreams. Even if it is only a word, a feeling, a color. The strangest and most obscure symbols like that red alarm clock or flying walrus. Even if it is vulnerable, like traumatic memories or bizarre sexual encounters. The dreaming language is more mysterious than we can discern from surface level judgments. This approach dives deeper into the archetypal roots of each symbol. And unlike a dream dictionary, there is no “one” definition for any symbol. It is a living art, a detective story, to discover how these symbols truly land for each person and how these subtle signs are pointing us to revelations of truth.



Please click here and join this special Dreamwork mailing list. We will send out a webinar link before the scheduled time, as well as a reminder email for when the replay is available.

Future community dreamwork sessions are available by donation, and will be held monthly. Potentially the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm (PST) depending on community interest and availability.

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