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Elijah is a Tea Monk, Oracle, Community Leader, Musician, and the Director of Media for Gene Keys US, creating and curating content for this ever-evolving expression of the Transmission Embodied in Art, Music, Video, and Dance. Elijah is also the co-founder of OneDoorLand Synergenius Stewdios, an alchemical art sanctuary and media team in Portland Oregon. Elijah uses his skills in video production and editing, fractal animation, music production, and web design to create inspirational messages and educational experiences. OneDoorLand highlights artists, musicians, and projects through online media and event production to honor and uplift the amazing resources and inspirational leaders in our international community. Elijah is also a web designer, specializing in Online Courses and eCommerce solutions with WordPress. Elijah is the web architect for the Gene Keys Society and creator of the Living Library. 


As an international speaker, Elijah has travelled the world to offer teachings, practices, media, and event production for projects that inspire personal and collective transformation. He has been a prime facilitator at Gene Keys Retreats in Canada, Romania, Scotland, England, and the Netherlands as well as throughout the west coast of the US. Elijah Parker has presented at festivals since 2011, from topics ranging from Brainwave Entrainment and Neurofeedback, Community Development, to the Gene Keys and Transmission Art. His projection-art installations have been featured at Beloved, Imagine Orcas, Art Outside, European Graduate School Switzerland,  Burning Man, and the Consciousness Hacking Festival.

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Exploring the Elemental Essence of the Gene Keys

Join Elijah for a practice in creative contemplation with the Gene Keys through music, storytelling, and weekly video transmissions. Together let’s drink in the elemental essence of each Key, and dance with the tao.

“Thank you so much to my global community for all of your support! Your donations help feed the dream so that I may continue to offer my time and energy to videos, music, and sessions sharing this enchanting and profoundly impactful transmission. To give back to my patrons, I will be creating exclusive content, including video transmissions on your unique Gene Keys profile! I also offer private one-on-one sessions to deepen the practice into your own life.

So if you feel called by the wisdom of the tao, become a patron to subscribe to these weekly videos, brew a cup of sacred tea, and drink in the elemental essence of the Gene Keys with me. “

-Elijah Parker

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  • Every 5.5 Days Elijah will create a new free video, drinking in the elemental essence of the Gene Key of the Day
  • Patrons who pledge $3/month will gain access to exclusive member-only content
  • Patrons who pledge $25/month will get a short video on your unique Gene Keys Activation Sequence, which will be shared to Patrons as a transmission on those 4 keys.
  • Patrons who pledge $100/month will get a monthly private one-on-one video session with Elijah

Special thanks to all everyone who supports this ongoing project. Feed the Dream and the Dream Feeds You!