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OneDoorLand Synergenius Stew presents “Life As Art”


Experience a night of mystery and magic through music, improvisational oracles and alchemical theater curated by the Onedoorland Synergenius Stew. Melodic handpans and kalimbas cascading into strings and serenading vocals … blend poetry and acoustic medicine songs with the living language of jam band jazz and the Gene Keys. OneDoorLand believes music is medicine, and we aspire to create a serious-silly container of prayer and beauty for deep transformation and collective liberation.


OneDoorLand presents “Lover’s Leap”

These are songs of beauty, of Grief As Praise, of great offerings to the Beloved

These instrumental songs emerged from co-creative musical weavings of OneDoorLand musicians and Life As Art experiences. Featuring instrumental music by Theo Grace, Elijah Parker, Marshall Lefferts, and Manose Singh.


Synergenius Stew Jams – Live Improvisational Music

Synchromystic Timescapes of Evolving Wisdom. The Stew – It’s Me and it’s you! The Synergenius Stew is an amorphous musical organism, that magnetizes constellations of incredible artists to gather in circle for alchemical improvisation.

This music is an expression of emergent creativity as a form of alchemical art and contemplation. These recordings were all performed live and improvised in the moment. As a spiritual practice, the community members of OneDoorLand gather in song circle to experience the incredible presence radiating from improvisational music.

All donations from these albums go to support the Synegenius Stewdios – recording and events. Feed the dream and the dream feeds you!

“Music is a way to enter into the current of life, listening so deeply to the other musicians, you can lose the sense of separation. These pieces are expressions of the eternal flow of life, opening our hearts in our relationships by diving with devotion into the moment. By cultivating a consistent container for creating “flow state”, I continue to heal and rejuvenate body mind and soul. I hope these blessed tunes resonate with your journey through this incredible gift of Life.” – Elijah


Entheo Music

Acoustic Medicine Songs – Electronic Mythic Dance – Ambient Soundscapes

ENTHEO, a name meaning ‘spirit-within,’ is a multi-genre musical duo devoted to bringing the sound of awakening into form. Whether it is acoustic pop medicine, lovestep EDM, or ambient meditative soundscapes, their inspiring sound and message is present in every note.

Entheo’s music speaks to the young and old, amplifying the global awakening happening across the world,. Their songs offer guidance, support, encouragement and hope in these wild times of great change.

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Water Eye channels the divine imagination with the incredible potency of her voice and presence. She is an Improvphetical Oracle, able to weave intricate lyrics, live in the moment, to articulate the energy of the moment. Offering trans-genre sound styles from now age soul folk to hip hop, Water is masterful in her expression through voice, instrument, and drum.

By purchasing the album “Dream Me Open” you will also receive a free eBook showcasing the incredible Artwork of Eric Nez and the lyrics of each track.These songs and paintings were created simultaneously, informing one another across the room as each artist dipped into the stream of life as art.


Live Looping Vocals and Instruments by Water Eye meets the cascading melodies of handpan by Elijah. Soundscapes and sonic journeys for the heart and soul, reflecting the Light of Truth upon the Waters of Love.

This album was recorded live at OneDoorLand Synergenius Stew+Dios. These songs were originally written and performed for Muse Dance Event “Ecstatic Zeitgeist”, elemental soundscapes to Feed the Spirit of Time.


Spoken Word Collaborations

Entheo Music and Synergenius Stew+Dios produces collaborative pieces with Storytellers of our evolutionary culture.

These Luminaries of Consciousness share their unique poetic perspective on transformation, love, and connection.


Additional Music we Recommend


Midnight Portal

Amidst the cascading melodies of nature, experience the improvisational weave of handpan and harp dancing in the forests of Beloved Sacred Art & Music Festival. Tucked away in the Near Mosque at the glowing Grove of Sacred Harmonies, Dave Hoover and Elijah Parker played a late night set – a Portal for wandering souls to discover a sanctuary of sound to lie down and enjoy.


Eclipse Portal (Live Album)

New Live Improvisational Album by OneDoorLand Instrumental – Name your Price album

Dave Hoover, Elijah Parker, and Theo Grace bring you a kaleidoscope of moving melodies from Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse. These tracks were Improvised in the moment, recorded live at the Beloved Heartsong Sanctuary stage and Eric Nez’s Art Spirit pirate ship.


Grove of Sacred Harmonies

Tucked away in the Near Mosque, a new portal appeared at Beloved Festival this year. Amidst the faerie lights, a sanctuary of sound was constructed – a place of healing through music, praying through sound, and discovering the magic of the present moment. In this Grove of Sacred Harmonies, three musicians met on the crossroads. Listening deeply, they discovered a song being born from the present moment…

Live Improv – Handpan, Harp, & Doumbeck
Featuring Elijah, Dave Hoover, & Issa


Lucid Surrender (Vol 2)

Relaxing into the Current of Life – New Ambient Music by Entheo
In this time of great change, the turbulent waves of life can feel daunting to navigate. The great teaching continue to direct humanity to a state of deep relaxation, to soften and receive the grace hidden amidst the suffering, and to trust the river to guide us all the way home. 

Soak in the delicious vibrations of Entheo ambient music in the latest installment of Lucid Surrender (Vol. 2). Click to view the new album and video