Greetings friends of OneDoorLand!

12 years ago, a special sanctuary of art, music, and magic was created in this little pocket of Portland. Over the years, OneDoorLand has gone through many evolutions and rebirths. As a community, we’ve been honored to witness symphonies of serious-silly serenades, paint precious portals of possibility, and make love to the mystery with magical modalities of Life as Art.

And now, we stand at the precipice of another quantum leap!

Many of us here at OneDoorLand will be leaving this land, and venturing to new parts of the world. Others will be staying in Portland to deepen the roots of Heaven’s Tea Temple here, continuing the home’s service as a sanctuary of presence. As one chapter closes, a whole new adventure begins.

We wanted to take a moment to share our gratitude with our extended community. Thank you to all of our friends, family, and allies across the world. Throughout our time together, we have learned so much, and this is thanks to the network of amazing people we are connected with.

Whether you are a new acquaintance or a long time friend, we want to say thank you for choosing to let Art into your Heart. Thank you for peeking through the looking glass to find out what mysteries await you in the world of imagination. Thank you for singing, dancing, laughing, and loving a little more in this world.

We hope that you found something inspiring during your time at OneDoorLand, whether in person or online. May the treasured moments we have shared continue to weave into the tapestry of our lives.

And as always, we offer our gratitude to our dear Binah Zing, and the Ferguson Family, for supporting this amazing home and community through many years of transformation. We are grateful that the Sanctuary house will continue to be used as a temple for Art & Tea, stewarded by Po and Heaven’s Tea.

A Closing Portal

This summer we were blessed by a short visit with our dear friend and collaborator Richard Rudd, founder of the Gene Keys. Our mystical vagabond joined in with our poetic musings, musical offerings, and portal painting to help close this chapter of the OneDoorLand experience.

Laid upon the soft bed of universal love, the New Human is born, formed by the celestial geometry of what was, is, and will always be. Wizbee…

Heaven’s Tea School

Yes! Heaven’s Tea School will remain open at the OneDoorLand Sanctuary home, and will continue to serve tea ceremonies as well as educational, contemplative, and restorative experiences in the temple and around on the land. We are all excited to see the next level of the Tea School blossom here in Portland, as well as collaborations with other communities and schools of self-cultivation. And don’t be surprised if you find a wandering bard plucking the strings of ancient songs rippling across the Koi Pond. 

To learn more visit and connect with Po directly.

Elijah & Carrie Anne – Portal to Pittsburgh

This year, Carrie Anne was accepted into a prestigious graduate program at Carnegie Mellon University, to pursue a Master’s Degree in Costume Design. So Elijah & Carrie Anne are off to the east coast, for their next grand adventure intro transformational art & myth-making.

Check out to see the amazing costumes already crafted by Carrie Anne during her decade-long career in Portland Theater.

Elijah will be bringing his digital wizardry with him across the country, continuing his consulting work with Gene Keys and creative endeavors under the umbrella project ‘Fractal Doors’.

Once they have settled in Pittsburgh, Elijah will be opening up his fall booking for individual and small group sessions exploring the Gene Keys for personal transformation. And you’re sure to keep hearing new music, mythical storytelling, and even a little bit of transformational D&D in the future..

From Elijah: “For the past eleven years, I have been held by the abundant beauty and grace of OneDoorLand. It has been a great honor to get to pray and play here in this garden. I will treasure the time I was privileged to be here, and I celebrate the next generation who will come to steward this precious temple. I will miss you sweet Cascadia, and will undoubtedly return to visit. I give thanks to the strange technologies that will allow us all to stay connected in this web of life – to keep creating, playing, and contemplating together. Love to you all!”

From one door to many, you can follow Elijah on his website:

Be sure to sign up on Elijah’s newsletter to keep in touch with upcoming offerings.

From Rebekah (Water Eye)

“Even as this iteration of the Onedoorlandian journey is coming to its end, the end has been a recognizable and measurable journey itself, of wonder, magic, grief and gratitude.

I landed here, almost a decade ago, upon invitation by the magical Binah, as a traveling gypsy musician living out of my van unattached to anything. After receiving Binah’s magical mystical wand of synchronistic authority, I made this Stew-dios land my home for the last nine years. 

It has been a beautiful journey of cultivation, of discipline, of practice, of presence, of pain, of listening, of throwing everything learned out the window and rebelling with grit and heart, of deep love, of deep struggle, of longing to belong, of belonging to longing, of tears, laughter, humility, vulnerability, transformation, resilience, of patience, of art, of music, of magic, of medicine, of so much that matters so much.         

I watched a baby born in our living room. I held space for struggle and pain. I showed my pain as others held me with patience and kindness. I wept, we wept, we sang, we laughed, we played, we prayed, we did it… together.

This community that I have lived with for almost a decade has grown from friends and syncro-mystical community members to forever family. No matter what doors have closed, I trust that the one door of our hearts will always be open for each other. 

And, however you have played and prayed with us in this way of beauty and truth over the years, I thank you! I bow 10,000 bows. I send doves from my heart to yours. I kiss the path that is your continued journey of heart and life as Art. Here’s to the beauty and truth. The magic is real. The Life as Art. The feed the dream that the dream may feed you. The memes of meaning. The loving US. Here’s to the OneDoor that will never close or end. The door of our hearts, of consciousness, of Life As Art!”

Amma Li & Theo Grace – Bound for Boulder

The Grace Family will be taking their next steps down to Boulder, Colorado to weave with the creative culture blossoming there.

From Theo “What a profound blessing it’s been to live in the nurturing arms of the Onedoorland community. It’s been deeply magical, and it has also been very challenging as well. Anyone on their path knows that growth and evolution is not always easy, especially in community. But even though I strayed from my path many times, my spirit, the community, the land was always here for me, reminding me of where my next step was. We’ve experienced deep healings together and shared in the healing power of art with many beings. Thank you to everyone who has played, prayed and gathered with us around the fires of the Art Spirit. It has truly been the adventure of a lifetime. 💛♾ 💛”

Stay Connected to Theo’s music & production: 

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Life As Art

Thank you to all of the Synergenius Chefs who have contributed their ingredient into the Stew. May the magic you planted here continue to flourish and nourish for many years to come.

The fires of love keep us bubbling in this cauldron of creation

True alchemy involves dissolution and separation

May we walk this Golden Path, from breakdown to breakthrough

And discover the Genie-us inside me and you