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The Gene Keys Synthesis Deck

This 72 card deck is a powerful tool for exploring the Gene Keys Transmission. The companion booklet, written by Elijah Parker with excerpts by Richard Rudd, provides a useful introduction to the Synthesis Deck, including various ways to use the Hex Cards in personal and collective contemplation. Unlike other oracle decks, this set of archetypal cards does not provide an interpretation but rather a set of tools for each person to discover their own connection to the Gene Keys.

Moving Mandala Meditations

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OneDoorLand Music – Digital Download Available

Syneregnius Stewdios Music Projects

OneDoorLand is a non-exclusive creative label hosting a dozen incredible musical projects

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The Art of Eric Nez – Giclee and Original Paintings

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Living Wisdom Journeys

Gene Keys Mandala Meditations AUDIO TRANSMISSION BY RICHARD RUDD & ENTHEO MUSIC CYMATIC MEDITATIONS BY ELIJAH PARKER  Visual and sonic journeys provide an experiential deep dive into the magic of the Gene Keys. Inspired by The 64 Ways, the Living Wisdom Project offers a portal of contemplation into each Transformational Path of the Gene Keys. Explore…


Eclipse Portal (Live Album)

New Live Improvisational Album by OneDoorLand Instrumental – Name your Price album

Dave Hoover, Elijah Parker, and Theo Grace bring you a kaleidoscope of moving melodies from Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse. These tracks were Improvised in the moment, recorded live at the Beloved Heartsong Sanctuary stage and Eric Nez’s Art Spirit pirate ship.


Lucid Surrender (Vol 2)

Relaxing into the Current of Life – New Ambient Music by Entheo
In this time of great change, the turbulent waves of life can feel daunting to navigate. The great teaching continue to direct humanity to a state of deep relaxation, to soften and receive the grace hidden amidst the suffering, and to trust the river to guide us all the way home. 

Soak in the delicious vibrations of Entheo ambient music in the latest installment of Lucid Surrender (Vol. 2). Click to view the new album and video


The Elemental I Ching

Exploring the Elemental Essence of the Gene Keys through videos transmission and music. Join Elijah for a practice in creative contemplation with the Gene Keys through music, storytelling, and weekly video transmissions. Together let’s drink in the elemental essence of each Key, and dance with the tao.

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