Life As Art

Combining dance, music, painting, storytelling, the OneDoorLand Community and Synergenius Chefs utilize the alchemy of art as an active, creative, expressive pathway of growth. We hope these videos inspire insights, enthusiasm, and permission for everyone to be the Creative Rebel they were born to be, turning our suffering into our genius, and expressing more beauty and love in everything we do.

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Fractal Doors

Holographic Media by Elijah Parker

These visuals offer transformation on a cellular level, translating healing frequencies into light language. The hypnotic effect of fractal imagery and mandala evolution gives the audience permission to simply breathe and let go. The power of cymatics is in its translation of sound vibration into physical form of light and shadow, granting us the ability to immerse the human body in light, color, and sound all keyed to stimulate energy patterns in the body. Subliminal Phoenix provides these visuals at festivals and events, creating the ideal psychedelic chill space, a calm healing sanctuary environment, or ambient lighting for workshops, transformational gatherings, and yoga classes.


Gene Key of the Day

Join Amma Li each week as we explore the connection between the Gene Keys and our everyday life. Amma Li brings her authenticity and genius insights using Astrology, Embodiment, Personal Stories, and interviewing other incredible beings to share their own unique reflection on the Gene Keys.

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Recent Uploads

Angamazad – Live Theater

The Fox & Beggar Theater invites you to step into the pages of an ancient story book. Here, you will find fairies and djinn. You will find rituals of grieving, and of enduring. You will find mad poets and ancient Shaikhs; circus tricks and magic doors; the ghost dances of dead brides and the desert songs of bird maidens. Above all, you will find a story about love.

Adapted from The 1,001 Arabian Nights, “Angamazad” fuses musical theater, spoken word, acrobatics, contemporary dance, and lavish artwork into a visually and sonically stunning journey.


Grove of Sacred Harmonies

Tucked away in the Near Mosque, a new portal appeared at Beloved Festival this year. Amidst the faerie lights, a sanctuary of sound was constructed – a place of healing through music, praying through sound, and discovering the magic of the present moment. In this Grove of Sacred Harmonies, three musicians met on the crossroads. Listening deeply, they discovered a song being born from the present moment…

Live Improv – Handpan, Harp, & Doumbeck
Featuring Elijah, Dave Hoover, & Issa


Life As Art (Live Album)

Experience a night of mystery and magic through music, improvisational oracles and alchemical theater curated by the Onedoorland Synergenius Stew. Melodic handpans and kalimbas cascading into strings and serenading vocals … blend poetry and acoustic medicine songs with the living language of jam band jazz and the Gene Keys. OneDoorLand believes music is medicine, and we aspire to create a serious-silly container of prayer and beauty for deep transformation and collective liberation.